Leading the Way In New Water Solutions

Egyptian contribution company for water project development headquartered in Egypt.
We identify, plan, finance, develop, own and manage large water infrastructure projects.




Water desalination plants.

We have a large experience in the Reverse Osmosis RO desalination systems in Saudi Arabia.

Sewage water treatment plants and reuse.

Sewage treatment and waste water reuse system from 500 m3/day up to 150,000m3/day.

Flood protecting and storm harvesting system.

Hydrology system and storm water harvesting to reuse.

Environmental Engineering.

Our organization has experience in Environmental land fill design, evaluate the effect of waste on ground water and how to protect ground water from leachate.)&Methane gas generate green electricity technology.

Wet infrastructure network and utilities.

Manufacturing of filtration and desalination equipment.

Our factory under construction in WADI AL NATRON industrial area is the first factory in Egypt licensed to manufacture desalination plants components.