Leading the Way In New Water Solutions

Egyptian contribution company for water project development headquartered in Egypt.
We identify, plan, finance, develop, own and manage large water infrastructure projects.


About Us


Briny Tech specialized in water treatment and desalination industry , industrial customers and public communities protect and improve the world’s most fundamental natural resource: (water).

Briny Tech team has been a leader in the development of water treatment and reclamation projects using a public-private partnership approach. As world populations continue to grow, communities are left searching for innovative ways to secure access to clean water and effectively dispose of wastewater and Briny Tech answers this need with innovative solutions.

Briny Tech has the most professional crew for construction, operating and maintenance of all water facilities in the most water need and the highest ability to desalinate sea water region over the global.
Our crew knows how to get fresh water from desert, mountains, seas and even the sky.
long experience had told us how to find a way for sustainable water resource.
We know how to find the fresh water, collect, treat distribute and reuse.

The sum of all that experience made Briny Tech.